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Lisa Jeffery of Miami, Florida  reviewed Law Offices of George Metcalfe Sr. — 5 star review

"George Metcalfe is not only a great lawyer, he is a very special person and is an extraordinary lawyer. He's a great listener, very astute, an excellent communicator, and knows the law. The quality of his advice helped me successfully win in two legal issues I was facing. It was so empowering to know the law from an attorney who provides wise legal advice. I will always be in awe of George, and grateful to him for being the best lawyer I've ever had the pleasure to know!"

We like beneficial results. You expect quality representation.  We expect you to be a serious and good client.  We show you what is important to your case and how to be your best under difficult situations.  We specialize in helping you through a divorce that involves the custody of your children. We'll help protect you and your loved ones every step of the way.   Hiring an attorney is a most important decision. We explain legal process ways to limit issues, encourage settlement where desired and we offer fee payment plans for initial fee retainers.

Put Many Years of Family Law Experience to Work for You

George Metcalfe practiced Marital and Family Law  for 27 years and as Senior District XI Counsel for the Florida Dept.of Health and Rehabilitative Services, in solo practice, and as Partner at Metcalfe & Metcalfe in Miami.

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The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. Before you decide, ask the attorney to send you free written information about their qualifications and experience. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.

How Family Law Lawyers Should Work

Few Experienced Family Law Lawyers Are Also Tax Lawyers. Our Firm Does Both - and Can Reduce Your True Cost of Divorce. 

Being a member of the Florida Bar since 1988 and having been a member of the Florida Bar's Family Law Section, George Metcalfe in now in Vero Beach.  He has litigated and mediated hundreds of family law cases throughout Central and South Florida, both highly contested and amicably settled, involving no children or many children, involving limited belongings or marital estates of substantial value.   A successful outcome is determined by how many clients are well served, not how many cases go to trial each year.  

Family Law Lawyer + Tax Lawyer

Serving clients' legal needs means making sure that there is a clear understanding of the legal issues of divorce and federal taxation issues  which arise along the way.  These issues may include federal tax issues which arise when proposed  divorce property  settlements are negotiated, when unpaid taxes are due to IRS, when the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) provides Innocent Spouse Relief when joint returns were filed during the marriage, and when Dependency Tax Deductions or Child Care Credits are claimed. 

In times of family crisis, personal attention and communication are priceless.  Client opinions matter, and Mr. Metcalfe is committed to giving each client the attention that he or she deserves.  New clients are often pleasantly surprised when phone calls are returned personally, and in most cases, very promptly.  Mr. Metcalfe devotes time to teach clients which factors are important in a judge's decision and to direct efforts toward achieving the best outcome.

This way, the client and the lawyer work together to weigh the known risks, costs, and the likely outcome.  The firm does not encourage litigation when reasonable settlement results can be achieved, but we do not recommend settling a case if the results are unfair or legally unreasonable.

Mr. Metcalfe realizes that family law is about more than legal issues.   He routinely seeks to develop relationships with outstanding professionals that are experts in the fields

We help you understand the true costs of divorce.

Although he is a capable and experienced litigator in court, Mr. Metcalfe's first effort is to settle matters in mediation and in less adversarial manners. Reaching resolution in a planned, but expeditious manner, may reduce your cost of divorce.  Trials tend to be harmful, expensive and less predictable when a client's future is determined solely by a judge. 

Winning and losing is not measured solely by trial results.  Other measures should include stress on the client and the family and future ramifications. Not considering personal consequences of decisions during divorce is costly.

Many times a thoughtfully drafted settlement helps children avoid unnecessary torment and conflict that accompanies divorce.  Less eventful family law agreements help the family heal better and encourages family to confront and resolve emotionally charged and embarrassing problems in a private office, and not in a public arena.

David J. Gagnon of Ocala, Florida reviewed Law Offices of George Metcalfe Sr. -- 5 star review

"It gives me great pleasure to write this review for the Law Offices of George Metcalfe, Sr. Mr. Metcalfe has, over the years, handled a several legal issues for us, both personally and corporately. He has always handled them promptly, professionally and efficiently. Unlike the majority of attorneys, Mr. Metcalfe returns telephone calls and answers emails promptly, which is a true testimony to his efficiency. I would highly recommend him for Family, Civil and Tax Laws, you'll be glad you did."


201 South 2nd Street, Suite 201

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Tera Russo of McKinney, Texas reviewed Law Offices of George Metcalfe Sr. -- 5 star review

"George Metcalfe gave me great confidence in all my cases he has assisted me with and is very professional. Iv'e felt absolutely comfortable and know I can put all my trust into him. He has put tons of hours into my cases and cares about them like I do. He helped me relocate out of state when the chances of that happening were very slim. Not only that, but he has helped me with the appeal and post decision motions and has always came through for me. I cant emphasize on how great George has been to me and how much I appreciate him. He is the most loyal and intelligent lawyer I have hired yet nd I cant thank him enough for all he has done for me and my child's future!" 

George Metcalfe holds advanced degrees in business, law and communication and studied taxation at the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Florida Frederic G. Levin School of Law.

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Caitlynn Chapman of Vero Beach reviewed Law Offices of George Metcalfe, Sr. -- 5 star review

I am very satisfied with the advice and services Mr. Metcalfe provided me.   He explained the process to me and made sure I understood everything we faced in court.  He was quite respected in the courtroom and was always professional and firm in making our position clear.   I am grateful for his services and I highly recommend him to anyone needing a helpful and knowledgeable attorney.